Terms and Conditions

The conditions to be complied with in the case of our approval of your registration:-




  1. The supplier/contractor is required to update his information, in case of any works rewarded to him & before the start of work and ensure the correctness of the details of work in case of signing the contract.



  3. It is mandatory to respond to the all invitations for tenders & practices and inquires at the earliest and before the closing date.



  5. Once the LPO is issued, it is not allowed to withdraw from it without any acceptable reason by Mwani Qatar.



  7. In case of not responding for more than three (3) times without sending a regret letter, the company will be removed from Mwani Qatar supplier list if they fail to provide a valid reason.



  9. The following terms & conditions must be complied when price quote is requested:



Terms & Conditions:




Responding to the invitations for tenders & practices if the items requested are available.



Fixing a delivery period as a penalty will be imposed for each day of delay in case of awarding the work for your company.



Validity of each offer should not be less than 90 Days.



Procurement Dept. or Tenders Committee of Mwani Qatar has the complete authority to split the Tender/Practice, without any prior notice.



Providing catalogue, sample at the time of request.



Original offer should be delivered to procurement dept. or to Tenders Committee in a closed envelope sealed with red wax and bearing the practice/tender number and closing date.



Offers should be comply with the specifications as per the scope of works mentioned in the Tenders/Practices.



Important Notes:-


In case of the discovering manipulation or inadequacy of information, your company/firm will be removed from our data base and will not be considered for future business activities.


Mwani Qatar - Procurement Department or Tenders Committee is not obligated to send you the invitations at all the time.


Employees of Mwani Qatar does not have the right to register their company/firm in vendor data base, unless he/she has been retired.