Al-Ruwais Port

RuwisPort.jpgAl-Ruwais Port, the second commercial port, is located at the northern tip of Qatar. The port plays the role of an additional access facility to promote the regional commercial shipments and to revive and invigorate the economy of the northern part of Qatar.

Besides the usual handling of general cargoes, the port is now handling the increased demand of foodstuff and other commodities. Al Ruwais port provides a ready solution by acting as gateway for fresh commodities from neighboring countries. These also included frozen and chilled commodities arriving in reefer containers.

Ruwais Port has witnessed recently substantial improvements by Mwani Qatar in an effort to rehabilitate and align it with international ports standards. The navigation channel at Ruwais Port is dredged to 5 meters, new docks are built at 7 meters depth and six marine berths constructed at a combined total length of 1414 meters, to be able to accommodate commercial vessels.

The navigation channel and port docks will be further expanded and dredged to reach 10 meters depth during the final stage of Al-Ruwais Port upgrade project. This will facilitate the entry of all small and medium ships and cruise ships, in addition to further trade expansion with neighboring countries.