About Us

​Mwani Qatar - Rising to the Challenge

Mwani Qatar is responsible for managing the nation’s seaports and shipping terminals, but the integrated port and logistics services provider is also playing a more pivotal role. By substantially developing Hamad Port, the company is not only strongly positioned to develop a regional shipping hub in the region, but also to play a major role in diversifying the Qatari economy ready for a post-hydrocarbon future.

Alongside its oversight of the country’s quays, dry ports, and container terminals, Mwani Qatar also provides navigation assistance and pilotage, towage, and Aids to Navigation (AtoNs) as well as loading, unloading, cargo handling, and storage.

Furthermore, the company is also involved in developing seaports and related services in line with international standards.

Mwani Qatar is responsible for Hamad Port and Al Ruwais Port which are commercial ports, as well as the development of Old Doha Port into a cruise port. Hamad Port, the largest commercial port in the country is a long-term, physical manifestation of the Qatar National Vision 2030 focusing on the social, economic, environmental and human development of the nation.

The multi-billion dollar investment in the ports sector does not merely offer expanded capacities, but also brings a host of new, sector-specific capabilities in the maritime sector. As a vital support to the infrastructure preparations for the 2022 FIFA world cup and several world events and projects, Mwani Qatar under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport closely works with stakeholders and partners to increase cargo volumes both inbound and outbound and establish its entities preferred ports of call for all shipping lines.